Wish Story - 08.02.2017

I would like to give thanks to all the people at a Wish with Wings for granting my youngest brother Gabriel Ramirez his wish to go to Disney World. We all had a great time with him and couldn't be more grateful to you for doing this. Thank you and God bless everyone at a Wish with Wings. Christian Ramirez

Wish Story - 11.16.2016

This message is inadequate for the gratitude that my family feels for the recent wish that you granted our daughter and sister, Megan. Our trip to Orlando in September was truly a once in a lifetime experience for Megan and our family. It has almost been two months since Megan's wish was granted and there probably has not been a day that has passed since where someone in our home has not brought up one of the amazing experiences that Megan and our family were able to have, experiences what would not have been made possible without a Wish with Wings. I could list of dozens of things that made this trip so special for Megan. From the greeting at the airport (Dad still gets choked up when we remember the group of volunteers standing inside the security checkpoint, waiting for us with chants of "Megan, Megan, Megan"), the special flight and the transportation provided, to the Give Kids the World Village, the amazing experiences at all of the parks and the oh so generous financial gift to allow Megan and her siblings a chance to have a souvenir or two. I could go on and on. Because of a Wish with Wings, Megan and our family, who have had many ups and downs because of her battle with cancer, had such a special experience, too, in connection with the same battle. Thank you, a Wish with Wings. Gabriel Peterson

In The News - 06.06.2016

Wish Kid Featured in Fort Worth, Texas Magazine - We’re thrilled to see one of our own wish kids, Ashley Irwin, in the Best of 2016 edition of Fort Worth, Texas magazine as one of XTO’s Hometown Heroes. We granted Ashley her wish to go to Disney World back in 2012. As a result, Ashley was inspired to write, illustrate and publish a book all about A Wish With Wings. She donates a part of the proceeds to help grant wishes for other kids like her. Buy the book

Wish Story - 04.07.2016

After 4 years of constant illness, surgeries painful procedures and daily meds , Kenneth was diagnosed with a type of brain cancer, Kenny took his family to central Florida for a week. It was so nice to spend time together as a family have a truly worry free vacation. Illness really changes your home, Kenny's dad and I have to figure out who can stay home and who can pick up and watch the little ones, leaving no money for anything extra. With out wish with wings it had been over 6 years Since we had could do anything That. Even closely resembled a getaway. Kenny had a great time I saw more smiles in one week than I had saw in a year. ..... It was great. When we came back and started chemo a few weeks later he went in feeling refreshed and ready to take on the world....... Four months after our trip Kenny is in full remission. Audra Bachstein

Wish Story - 02.09.2016

A Wish With Wings are a God sent organization. Our son's wish was to go to Disney. My job was running a fundraiser to send us and ran across the wish foundation. They took over and gave us the Disney experience of a life time. Kevin was treated like royalty everywhere he went. A Wish With Wings we thank GOD for you and everyone who contributes to your foundation. We had an AMAZING time in Orlando. Give kids the world village living quaters were awesome. We met so many families from different parts of the world. Again, you'll never know the gratitude i have in my heart for the happiness you all have given our son. You all are angels in disguise. We're forever grateful. Thanks, The Jacksons

Wish Story - 01.11.2016

Ol' Santa here. Every year, I leave the North Pole and go down to Arlington, Texas U.S.A. to do my Market Research. (You know, finding out what Good Boys & Girls want for Christmas.) There, I have an Opportunity to talk with hundreds of children and parents. It's great fun. But when our guests at Lincoln Square's Santa Land find out that all of the purchase price they pay for a photo is actually a part of a donation the Elves and I make to a Wish with Wings every year, they're happy to be a part of it! But if they only knew of the joy, the satisfaction and the happiness it brings to the Elves and I, they'd know it's simply our way of expressing our love and hope for every child who becomes a "Wish Kid". May God speed their battle to total recovery or make them comfortable in their flight as an Angel into heaven. Ol' Santa and the Elves

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Wish Story - 04.21.2015

We truly are grateful for the support of your team and program. You have created something wonderful during a terrible situation. I look forward to a time I can maybe work with your group to repay to others what your group has done for us. Have a super day! Tricia Scott

Wish Story - 04.21.2015

Thank you for making our brother’s wish come true. Angel Rodriguez and Veronica Rodriguez