Wish Story - 06.05.2020

To Our Beautiful Wish Ladies, I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone associated with A Wish With Wings. My family is forever truly blessed to have such carrying people help us through these tough times. Thank you so much for the gift cards you sent to us. They will help us pay some of the bills we are behind on. We look forward to when we can see y'all in person again and Gabriel hopes to be able to finally meet Willie the Wish Dog. My family is grateful to be part of such a beautiful, loving family. Thank you soo much for everything that y'all continue to do for us. Lots of love from West Texas.❤ The Ramirez Family

Wish Story - 04.10.2020

Judy is the Executive Director of Ft. Worth’s a Wish with Wings. AWWW is a Texas based, wish granting, nonprofit organization for families with children who need a little joy during difficult times. Judy, along with her amazing staff, works tirelessly for all their Wish Families and they operate solely out the enormous amount of love (and our donations) they have for their Wish children, their siblings, their parents and extended family members. She is never “off the clock” and is always making sure everyone receives some of a AWWW’s magic! I have seen this magic happen firsthand. The impact she and The Wish Staff have on their Wish families, and the community of Fort Worth, packs an amazing, joy-filled punch! If your giving dollars are still up for grabs, please consider donating to A Wish With Wings. I promise you’ll spark a smile on the face of one of these beautiful children with your own magical punch, and that’s gonna feel GOOD! Georgia Youngs, Donor

Wish Story - 04.10.2020

Angela Botello Travis: Wish Ladies, our trip was the trip of a lifetime!!! We all enjoyed ourselves immensely! I feel that it’s Blake’s Wish Trip that prompted him to start his toy drive to bring joy to others but on a smaller scale than his wish trip. We will forever be grateful for a magical time!! Thank you to all that made our trip happen!!!!!

Wish Story - 04.10.2020

By: Kelli Aardal Goi The news that no parent wants to hear, Their child has a terminal illness and isn't guaranteed a year. The hospital visits become a common affair, Their child's story they are often asked to share. Stress begins to take its toll, Each family member having to play a different role. Prayers go out each and every night, That their child's future would look more bright. A Wish With Wings learns of the child, Ask for their dreams to be compiled. Puts together a magical trip, With the help of some sponsorship. Makes sure it's perfect in every way, So they'll always be able to reflect upon this day. When their child got to live their dream, With happiness they clearly did beam. Building memories they'll cherish so deep in their heart, Not even death can tear them apart.

Wish Story - 04.10.2020

Dreams..... I've been thinking a lot lately about what it was like being a child and dreaming that anything is possible. Having that feeling where nothing is beyond your reach. Then somewhere along the way we grow up and get it in our head that we need to have realistic goals that can be more easily achieved. Why is that? The Bible talks about how God wants to give us the desires of our hearts. (May he give you the desire of your heart and make all your plans succeed. Psalm 20:4 NIV)....(Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart. Psalm 37:4 NIV) It wasn't until recently when I got the call from A Wish with Wings saying that Abbey's doctor from Scottish Rite had referred her to them and they wanted to meet with her and decide what her wish would be, that I started to think back on those childhood days filled with imagination and endless possibilities. The days when we talked to God with such honesty telling him what was on our heart no matter how small while trusting him to grant us even the most impossible of request. Much like Abbey was telling Rachael and Dominique exactly what she wanted to wish for with no coaxing or hesitation, but just pure excitement in knowing that they where going to make her dream come true. They might not be able to grant every aspect of it in just the way she wished, but in the end it becomes more than she could have ever asked for. In the same way God may not always be able to answer our prayers in just the way that we had hoped, but in the end he answers them in a way that is more than we could have ever thought possible. Using even the toughest situations in our lives to bring him glory if we simply share it with others. In the way a child shares with everyone (even people they don't know) what they are excited about, hope for and believe in so must we as adults start sharing with others and God these same things. How else will God ever be able to use what he has done in our lives to help others? (When Jesus saw this, he was indignant. He said to them, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these. Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it." Mark 10:14, 15 NIV) In June 2013 almost a year to the date of Abbey's wish trip my husband Josh committed suicide and left a void that I'm not sure can ever be filled. Looking back now I realize that the timing of Abbey's trip was God's way of answering a desire I didn't even know I would have yet. A trip that was suppose to serve as a memory for our family if we lost Abbey, became the ultimate memory of Josh filled with photos, videos, laughter and love. A trip that can be looked back on for years to come and that serves as a reminder that sometimes even when our dreams come true the way we want....God still has a greater plan with so much more in store. Jeremiah 29:11 " For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." - Kelli Aardal Goin

Wish Story - 04.10.2020

Rylen’s Wish I am the grandmother of wish kid Rylen, and I can’t begin to tell you how much being a part of a Wish with Wings has meant to our entire family. Not only did we get to spend an incredible week making lasting memories with our 5-year-old granddaughter, we have met some of the most incredible ladies I have ever known. And what is amazing is the magic doesn’t stop with just one wish trip. Rylen has been included in the wish family trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, the Christmas party at Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse, and she was the Belle of the Ball at the Margarita Ball which raises money for Fort Worth Children’s Charities. It’s the most amazing feeling to have these women care about your family the way they do. We could never repay them for all they have done for us. The experience has been truly amazing. We love them!! And are so happy we got to become part of this growing family. Thanks so much for making her wish come true! Rylen sends all her love!!!! Our family is forever grateful for our son's wish trip! It's hard to put into words just how much having your child's wish granted means to not only your chronically ill child but to your family as a whole. My son has spent so much time in the hospital since birth and most days he is in a lot of pain and struggles to just have somewhat of a normal childhood but for those 7 days at GKTW he was just a normal kid full of happiness and smiles, he wasn't thinking about doctors visits, physical therapy, or limitations. So many firsts for our family on that trip including my husband and youngest two children's first time flying on an airplane. My husband has worked on airplanes for over 20 years and had never actually flown in one before this trip. From the time that we learned that Nick's wish to go to Disney World was being granted until the day we left we talked nonstop about the trip, when he was in the hospital, at doctors visits, when he wasn't in the mood to try anymore during PT, OT, or ST, and especially when he was sad or not feeling well. The count down to this amazing trip is what pulled him and honestly all of us through those days. Just having something so amazing to look forward to was like it's own magical kind of medicine or treatment. And even now after almost a year when things are rough we pull out our photos and talk about how much fun we had and how wonderful it was and we all get a warm happy feeling just thinking about it. Nicholas spent a lot of time in the ICU after we got back home from the trip and those memories and photos from our trip were like a lifeline for us. Nick had a once in a lifetime pixie dust experience when he met Peter Pan at Magic Kingdom. Peter seen his Genie Pass and immediately brought us to the front of the line and asked that the line be closed. Peter Pan is one of Nick's favorite characters and he spent so much time talking to Nick, he took Nick by the hand and walked with us as I pushed Nick's chair through fantasy land. He kept yelling things like excuse us VIP celebrities coming through and my son (who usually hates people looking at him) was absolutely on cloud 9. When we got to the end of fantasy land Peter Pan leaned down and told my son that if he ever becomes a lost boy he has very special place for him in Neverland and then he hugged us both. I can't explain how much comfort those words and that encounter brought to us. I am not going to lie, at 35yrs old I cried on Peter Pan's shoulder. There are just so many memories and moments, I could go on and on about that week. I have to say though that what we have come to cherish even more than the wish trip is getting to be a part of The Wish With Wings family 💕 The support and camaraderie is priceless. We look forward to every single event, it's really nice to be able to spend time with families who understand what you are going through. I honestly just can't say you thank you enough, not only for the wishes you grant to families like mine but for all the hard work you put in and for bringing together his amazing group if individuals and families. - Natasha Carriere

Wish Story - 12.13.2018

Dear Judy and Clarissa, Jessica and I are writing to express our profound gratitude for granting the wish of our son, Thomas. We recently returned from the Disney Cruise that you and all of the wonderful people at A Wish With Wings and the many donors have allowed us to experience. The look on his face as we were boarding the cruise ship, indeed during the entire experience, was something we will never forget. As he was given his private meeting with Mickey, he spontaneously exclaimed, "My wish came true!". We are so touched by the kindness we experienced through the wonderful gift you provided our family. This is something that we are so grateful for and we look forward to becoming a donor to help other families experience these same blessings. Thank you for all that you have done, and we wish all of you a blessed Christmas!

Wish Story - 10.08.2018

On July 15 2015, my entire family’s life changed. This is my family’s perception of the make a wish organization and what has been done for my family. We are a large family. Myself (dad) and Mom (Irma), Alan 6, Alaska 4, Bryan 11 and Melanie 9. Most impacted, obviously, my son Alan. Alan was diagnosed with "ALL" (Leukemia). Two and a half years later, after all of the scary procedures, rounds of chemo and high doses of steroids, our brave son was given an opportunity to have a wish. Alan was cancer free and we were ready to attempt life without restrictions once again! The amazing administrative assistant at my child’s school had overheard news of Alan’s diagnosis and asked if Alan had ever been given the chance to have a wish. I asked Alan what he wished for and since he already had his first wish (his mom...); I showed him a video of Disney World on YouTube. He loves amusement parks and that was his new wish about 5 seconds into the video. Not knowing that this was available to us or how to initiate it, she handled everything and in a couple weeks we were called and the trip was scheduled. The scheduling was extremely flexible. We were called to come and meet with Clarissa, the person in charge at “a Wish with Wings" office. When leaving the office all of our children were given access to a large closet full of toys and told to pick anything they wanted! This was just a small bit of insight as to what we were in for; this trip was something my wife and I honestly could not have accomplished on our own. On April 7, 2018 , it was very early to wake the kids but they were ready faster than I have ever seen. I walked by the children’s rooms and told them lets go to Disney World and they were all instantly changed and sitting on the sofa. It really hit me as I finished putting on my shoes and looked out the window to see the first limousine any of us were ever going to ride in. Or when we arrived at the airport to watch the first airplane, any of our children were ever going to board. Right before boarding, we saw a familiar face. Clarissa, with bags, shirts, activities for our flight and an envelope with the solution to my biggest concern. The envelope was more than enough cash for the entire trip. When we landed at the airport in Florida there was the nicest woman holding a sign that Alan ran right up to and said, "that’s my name, this is for me!” I wish I could remember her name. She walked us to our rental car (that we did not need to refuel before returning). Pulling up to Give Kids the World Village (GKWV) then to out villa with our last name largely displayed, the kids could not wait to explore our new home for the next week. We somehow managed to visit every park at Disney, universal and Sea World (including Sea World Aquatica). The week we have had could not be purchased and will be a once in a lifetime experience. The genie pass and other passes given allowed us to park in all the handicapped parking spaces and go directly to the front of anything that resembled a line. We literally were able to walk up to and meet characters, be seated on a ride, watch a show or have special seating everywhere we went. The GKTW village office had a list of additional places we could visit and all we had to do was just call to request and stop by to pick up the tickets. We did just that for both the Crayola experience (good idea for a rainy Florida day!) and Sea World Aquatica. The pizza was Papa Johns at the villa and we ordered it at least once a day. The dining was amazing. We also had the choice of Boston market and a breakfast that honestly had anything you could want for breakfast, all complimentary. Alan made a star and had it permanently placed at GKTW. The kids were surprised every day with toys and prizes in the room. At GKTW Disney characters visited often, the kids got to ride horses, we could walk to an ice-cream shop, there was an awesome pool, the largest candy land game was on display and we got a free version of the GKTW candy land game. I do not think I could write anything to do justice to how amazing this trip was. If anything could give you an idea maybe, it is this. I don’t even know if the TV had cable in the villa because I really don’t remember tuning it on. We usually were only in the villa and awake for about an hour total each day. After getting back to the room from a long day we just walked in locked the door and fell right asleep... As for advice during your trip. I suggest getting all of your souvenirs from Walmart before going to the parks. There is a Walmart maybe half a mile from the village and you have to pass it to get anywhere. It’s the same stuff as the park but a fraction of the price. Oh and make sure you take pictures as it is a lot to take in (or at least with four kids it is...). We came back with around 1400 pictures as one of the kids had a camera in addition to my wife and myself. The parks also give you many free pictures so do make sure you stop at every opportunity to allow the people to take your picture. To the families preparing for your trip; I am certain you will enjoy your experience as much as my family and I have. Best wishes!!! To the a Wish with Wings organization and the Give Kids the World Village; thank you for all that you do. Your attention to detail and the level of caring has been unsurpassed by all of my experiences.

Wish Story - 09.04.2018

Back in 1987, A Wish With Wings found out that my son, Cam, had acute lymphocytic lymphoma/leukemia. (the old hospital,Cooks Children's Hospital)
I told Cam, that we needed to write down 3 of his special wishes.
  1. He wanted to go to Disneyland
  2. He asked for a red bicycle
  3. He wanted to go to Las Vegas!! Las Vegas ? I asked, they're gonna think I put you up to that (as I'm laughing) I had no idea where he even got that idea from. It wasn't a topic of conversation in our house. So I asked him to make a 4th wish, just in case.
  4. He wanted to meet Shirley Muldowney, the female drag racer.
Went to Disneyland and it was wonderful. While at Ontario Airport, on the way back home,they announced over the intercom that our flight had an unexpected delay in, Las Vegas. I asked his daddy, did you hear that, Yes!, he said. So flew to Vegas and they gave us 30 minutes to run out into the airport and look around. I put Cam in front of a slot machine and snap a picture. All of a sudden I see this female police officer walking toward me. She said, Ma'am, that's a $250,000.00 fine. I gulped and said, I really don't think I got the picture, and told her a little of Cam's story. She turned with a little smile on her face and walked away. Thank You, Jesus!! Well, we made it home. Cam got a blue bicycle, that he picked out. His daddy was into racing and went to Louisiana for a meet. Guess who was there? Shirley. Charlie told her about Cam and he came home with an 8x10 autographed photo of her and her rail job (Pink). When they opened the new Ennis Race Way in Ennis Texas, Charlie took Cam with him and Yes! Shirley was there.
Cam got not 3, but all 4 wishes. Jesus answered all of his wishes. Cam Baker 11-19-79 ~ 11-4-87
I also wanted to give A Wish With Wings a huge THANK YOU, for all that was done for Cam and us. You absolutely made his young life a lot more bearable. THANK YOU, A Wish With Wings.
We Love and Miss You, Cam. Mommy (Kelli McKinney)

Wish Story - 08.15.2017

Oh my goodness! Where does one begin?! This wish was everything my little Jackie could ever ask for! She's been through more than most adults I know have ever been through, and she deserved her kudos for being my little motivation. From the moment we stepped foot on Give Kids the World soil, our family was catered to! Jackie couldn't sustain the heat too long at the Disney and Universal Studios theme parks for too long, but that didn't matter IN THE LEAST!!! We had such an awesome time on the carousel, the train, and the water park at GKTW, without any long lines and huge crowds, and her big brother, Kal, who has autism, and 2-year-old sister, Gabby, were fully entertained as well! Jackie got a manicure, the three of them had ice cream EVERY DAY, Jackie placed her star at the Magical Palace, and they all were tucked in by Mayor Clayton Rabbit's wife!!!! When Jackie rode the train and carousel, my heart filled with so much happiness! I want to personally thank Clarissa for helping me out of panic mode when my Jackie's glucose meter and test strips were lost. She came through without hesitation. I love you all for loving my little Jackie, and for giving my family a much needed private time away from the humdrum of everyday living. Sonya Solomon