Request A Wish

Refer your child or a child you know.

Who is eligible for a wish?

Wish Kids must meet these simple criteria:

  • Have a medical diagnosis of a life-threatening medical condition.
  • Be between ages 3 and 19 years when the form is received. Wishes for children under age 3 must be approved by the board of directors.
  • Have not previously received a wish from any wish-granting organization.
  • Reside in or being treated in Texas.

Are wishes limited?

Children may wish for anything their hearts desire. While the most popular request is for a Disney vacation, wish requests are as varied as the children who make them.

However, there are a few parameters for wishes based on safety and other reasons. Please note these items do not fall within our guidelines: motorized vehicles, international travel, firearms, ATVs, cash, mortgages or rent payments, construction or remodeling, and in-ground swimming pools.

Are wishes only for children diagnosed as terminal?

Not at all! Any child undergoing treatment for a life-threatening medical condition will be qualified to have a wish granted.

Wish Application


Or, download the PDF version:

English application
Spanish application