Dear Friends,

There truly are no words to express what we are feeling. All we can come up with is “thank you”, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface. You all hold a special place in our hearts and in our story. While you move forward to bless the next wish receivers, we will still be cherishing every moment we have spent with you. We would love to be part of your lives too. If there is anything we can do or any way we can help, please let us do so.

We love you all,

– Bill, Jaunitta, and Payden Taylor

Thank you for everything that you have done for me like the book and the rangers game.

– Your friend Ryley

Thank you for everything we enjoyed the trip very much. The whole family had a lot of fun.

– Jessica Alvarado

Dear Dominique, Judy, Lesley, and Rachel,

Thank you for your part in making Joe’s “second wish” come true. Joe’s police day is hard to describe in words because it was so amazing. It was nice to have you all there to experience it with us – you are like family to us. Thank you for embracing Joe and our family and for all of the special memories we will have for a lifetime. We appreciate you all so much and are thankful for all that you do.

Also, thank you for the painted handprints of the boys. They are so cute and another precious memory we have to hang on our wall.

God bless,

– Liz + Kevin Turner + the boys


I can not thank you enough for the beautiful book you sent to Luke of his wish. I was going to have one made but have not had the money. I cried when it came and thanked God for all the beautiful blessings you and A Wish with Wings have done for Luke.

No one will ever really realize how special the book is. Luke has showed every one from his teachers to his therapist.

Thanks again and God Bless.

– Christina Ward

Thank You

Thank you for helping make Logan’s wish come true! He was all smiles! God Bless you for your generosity! The Logan Heller Family

– Victoria, TX
August 2011

Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to grow up with a puppy and also thanks for the awesome camera. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say enough thanks, but let me reassure you that if I could I would say thanks all day, and maybe even longer too. Thanks again, and again, and again.

Diana Barrera

Thank you all for what you have done for my family and I and especially for my daughter Diana. We will never forget the kindness you’ve shown us.


– Estela Barrera

Thank you for all the nice things you have given my kids. You all gave us Hope when we needed it the most. Thank you again!

– Hans Barrera