Judy is the Executive Director of Ft. Worth’s a Wish with Wings. AWWW is a Texas based, wish granting, nonprofit organization for families with children who need a little joy during difficult times. Judy, along with her amazing staff, works tirelessly for all their Wish Families and they operate solely out the enormous amount of love (and our donations) they have for their Wish children, their siblings, their parents and extended family members. She is never “off the clock” and is always making sure everyone receives some of a AWWW’s magic! I have seen this magic happen firsthand. The impact she and The Wish Staff have on their Wish families, and the community of Fort Worth, packs an amazing, joy-filled punch!
If your giving dollars are still up for grabs, please consider donating to A Wish With Wings. I promise you’ll spark a smile on the face of one of these beautiful children with your own magical punch, and that’s gonna feel GOOD!
Georgia Youngs, Donor