SashaTo whom and everyone who made Sasha’s wish come true, we are beyond grateful for this whole trip for our family to make so many beautiful memories and for Sasha to have the time of her life!!!! I really am at a loss for words because this trip was so magical from being picked up from our home, flying out of DFW to Orlando, to arriving at Give Kids the World Village to all the amazing parks. Sasha felt like a superstar 🤩.Everyone was so kind at the village and each day was super special. We met so many kind volunteers and sweet families there.


We are so excited to go volunteer there when we are able too, it would be an Amazing experience to give back. I keep the app on my phone because we like to look at what they are doing each day and we pretend we are still there❤️ The boys loved getting ice cream everyday and Sasha had such a great connection with the volunteers where she placed her gold star ⭐️. We are truly blessed by this organization and we are so thankful to each and every one of you.