There is no excuse for having taken so long to write to you and tell you how wonderful our trip was. Thanks you so much for giving my family such an incredible gift. The week we spent in Orlando was absolutely amazing. Give Kids the World was so inspiring. To see so many volunteers come together to help families in need was an amazing experience. We met so many wonderful people.

Disney World and Universal Studios were even more wonderful than we could have imagined. We were treated like royalty! My kids have not stopped talking about our experience since we got home. My 10-year-old son has improved his writing grade because he has written about nothing except our trip since we got home. I just want everyone involved with your organization to know how much your wishes mean to families. It’s difficult for me to put into words what our family has been through since Molly was born. The endless medical bills, hospitalizations, and sleepless nights have been overwhelming. To have a week where there was nothing to worry about except having fun was more than we could have dreamed. We felt like we won the lottery. Please tell everyone involved with A Wish With Wings that we are sending a big THANK YOU. Our faith and hope have been restored and our family is stronger than ever.

If we can ever help, please let us know. My family would love to have the chance to help other families have an experience as wonderful as ours. We are happy to share pictures and stories. If you ever need families or parents to speak to groups, please give me a call. I am ready to tell everyone who will listen what a special organization you have.


– Beth Wynn and Dean, Abbie, Davis, Claire and Molly