This message is inadequate for the gratitude that my family feels for the recent wish that you granted our daughter and sister, Megan. Our trip to Orlando in September was truly a once in a lifetime experience for Megan and our family. It has almost been two months since Megan’s wish was granted and there probably has not been a day that has passed since where someone in our home has not brought up one of the amazing experiences that Megan and our family were able to have, experiences what would not have been made possible without a Wish with Wings. I could list of dozens of things that made this trip so special for Megan. From the greeting at the airport (Dad still gets choked up when we remember the group of volunteers standing inside the security checkpoint, waiting for us with chants of “Megan, Megan, Megan”), the special flight and the transportation provided, to the Give Kids the World Village, the amazing experiences at all of the parks and the oh so generous financial gift to allow Megan and her siblings a chance to have a souvenir or two. I could go on and on. Because of a Wish with Wings, Megan and our family, who have had many ups and downs because of her battle with cancer, had such a special experience, too, in connection with the same battle. Thank you, a Wish with Wings.

Gabriel Peterson