We truly are grateful for the support of your team and program. You have created something wonderful during a terrible situation. I look forward to a time I can maybe work with your group to repay to others what your group has done for us. Have a super day!

Tricia Scott

Thank you for making our brother’s wish come true.

Angel Rodriguez and Veronica Rodriguez

Great people serving a wonderful cause. Thanks for all you do.

Matt Forman

Our family is beyond blessed to have this organization in our lives.

Alex and Rachel Munoz

Thank you for partnering with us in an effort to make the world a better place! One of our Charitable Realty clients chose to give 10 percent of our commission to your 501(c)3! Please encourage others to do the same. See @charitablerealty for more details. Thank you for doing such great work in the community!

Lori McDaniel Fowler

We are celebrating and having a blast on my daughter’s wish trip. We can never say THANK YOU enough for being our wonderful, loving fairies!

Amanda Nixon-Sickels

This is a wonderful group of caring women. Bricen is excited about his upcoming wish. Thank you all for what you do.

Rita Caudle Shirley

Just a note to say, what a blessing! Sharing your heart and passion to bring a smile to all those special people!

Cyndi Foulks

If not for these wonderful wish fairies, some of these beautiful children would never be able to experience having their dreams come true. Thank you all so very much for all you do.

Amanda Pena

These are some pretty neat ladies that help make our children happier than they could ever be. Thanks for all you do!

Sandra Smith Green