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Alesha Tomlinson

360 West – Dream Team – A Wish with Wings celebrates 30 years with a new home in Fort Worth and the continued mission of bringing a little happiness into the lives of sick children and their families. Read more

Hey Dominique, I just wanted to tell you personally, thank you so much for the dinner, camera, and presents, oh and of course Digger. I am so excited about him, and everyday is another day closer to getting him. Me and my brothers are so happy about our very first puppy, and well all my brothers talk about is how excited they are, and when are we going to pick him up, and well the puppy is what they want.

This is by far the BEST thing that has happened, and with the camera you have given me I will try to catch those awesome moments with our puppy. My parents are also happy about him, well my dad more than my mom, but they always tell me to thank you, and now I am thanking you for making my wish come true, you really did make it come true because I remember when I was about 6 and I wanted a puppy so bad but my parents always said no, and also when I was 12 me and my brothers asked and begged for a dog, but they said no, but now that I’m 14 I finally get my puppy, and this time my parents said okay.

Thanks again for all you have given us.


Dear A Wish With Wings,

I had the best time of my life because of you. Taylor is the nicest person I have ever met in my life and its all thanks to you. Thank you so so much for making my dream come true.

– Brooke

Dear Friends,

There truly are no words to express what we are feeling. All we can come up with is “thank you”, but that doesn’t even scratch the surface. You all hold a special place in our hearts and in our story. While you move forward to bless the next wish receivers, we will still be cherishing every moment we have spent with you. We would love to be part of your lives too. If there is anything we can do or any way we can help, please let us do so.

We love you all,

– Bill, Jaunitta, and Payden Taylor