Oh my goodness! Where does one begin?! This wish was everything my little Jackie could ever ask for! She’s been through more than most adults I know have ever been through, and she deserved her kudos for being my little motivation. From the moment we stepped foot on Give Kids the World soil, our family was catered to! Jackie couldn’t sustain the heat too long at the Disney and Universal Studios theme parks for too long, but that didn’t matter IN THE LEAST!!! We had such an awesome time on the carousel, the train, and the water park at GKTW, without any long lines and huge crowds, and her big brother, Kal, who has autism, and 2-year-old sister, Gabby, were fully entertained as well! Jackie got a manicure, the three of them had ice cream EVERY DAY, Jackie placed her star at the Magical Palace, and they all were tucked in by Mayor Clayton Rabbit’s wife!!!! When Jackie rode the train and carousel, my heart filled with so much happiness! I want to personally thank Clarissa for helping me out of panic mode when my Jackie’s glucose meter and test strips were lost. She came through without hesitation. I love you all for loving my little Jackie, and for giving my family a much needed private time away from the humdrum of everyday living.

Sonya Solomon