Back in 1987, A Wish With Wings found out that my son, Cam, had acute lymphocytic lymphoma/leukemia. (the old hospital,Cooks Children’s Hospital)

I told Cam, that we needed to write down 3 of his special wishes.

  1. He wanted to go to Disneyland
  2. He asked for a red bicycle
  3. He wanted to go to Las Vegas!! Las Vegas ? I asked, they’re gonna think I put you up to that (as I’m laughing) I had no idea where he even got that idea from. It wasn’t a topic of conversation in our house. So I asked him to make a 4th wish, just in case.
  4. He wanted to meet Shirley Muldowney, the female drag racer.

Went to Disneyland and it was wonderful. While at Ontario Airport, on the way back home,they announced over the intercom that our flight had an unexpected delay in, Las Vegas. I asked his daddy, did you hear that, Yes!, he said. So flew to Vegas and they gave us 30 minutes to run out into the airport and look around. I put Cam in front of a slot machine and snap a picture. All of a sudden I see this female police officer walking toward me. She said, Ma’am, that’s a $250,000.00 fine. I gulped and said, I really don’t think I got the picture, and told her a little of Cam’s story. She turned with a little smile on her face and walked away. Thank You, Jesus!!

Well, we made it home. Cam got a blue bicycle, that he picked out. His daddy was into racing and went to Louisiana for a meet. Guess who was there? Shirley. Charlie told her about Cam and he came home with an 8×10 autographed photo of her and her rail job (Pink). When they opened the new Ennis Race Way in Ennis Texas, Charlie took Cam with him and Yes! Shirley was there.

Cam got not 3, but all 4 wishes. Jesus answered all of his wishes.

Cam Baker 11-19-79 ~ 11-4-87

I also wanted to give A Wish With Wings a huge THANK YOU, for all that was done for Cam and us. You absolutely made his young life a lot more bearable.

THANK YOU, A Wish With Wings.

We Love and Miss You, Cam.

Mommy (Kelli McKinney)